BC PNP points calculator and other eligibility requirements

The British Columbia Provincial Nomination Program permits skilled people, experienced business people and well as their relatives to get permanent residency in Canada. The BCPNP works on a point's framework, which grants scores for (a) human capital factors, for example, work experience, education, language capacities, and (b) economic factors as a mirror of an individual's capacity to be able to survive in the BC work market and add to its economy.


There is an aggregate of 200 points under BCPNP. The more one gets, more will the chances of getting invite from the province. To calculate these points, BC employs a point system called BC PNP points calculator.


This BC PNP points calculator takes into account, all the credentials under 2 main categories, which are:


  1. a) Economic Factors - 120 Points (such as work offer from the province)


  1. b) Human Capital Factors - 80 Points (such as age, education, language and skills of the individual)


To qualify as a skilled immigrant to British Columbia, the candidate must:


  • Have acknowledged a full-time, offer or employment from a BC firm or business. The activity must be present in a NOC occupation list (Skill Type 0 or Skill Level A or B).


  • Be able to be qualified to move to Canada and get minimum point scores as per BC PNP points calculator


  • Have in the past, work experience in BC business or firm


  • Meet the base language requirements for NOC skill level B occupations


  • Have a job offer in accordance with BC pay rates for the occupation.


The candidates, who get the selection for British Columbia PNP, will be granted 600 extra points under the Comprehensive Ranking System. The BC PNP is a special program for immigrants who are willing to contribute towards the local economy of British Columbia.


The program is centered around attracting a skilled workforce and experienced business people to fill the labor deficiency hole in the economy. The BC Provincial Nominee Program offers three pathways to increase Permanent Residency chances in BC. Every pathway has various classes, based on the National Occupational Classification (NOC) status of the candidate.


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